Happy Hour

Mon-Fri 4-6pm

$2 off Draft Beer

Select Domestic Beer                    2

House Wines by the Glass            5

House Cocktails                              4

Specialty Cocktails   11


Apple Cider Warm Up – Basil Hayden  

  Kentucky Bourbon, Steamed Apple Cider,

  Cinnamon, House Made Butterscotch

Wintermule- The Botanist Gin,    

   Cointreau, Cranberry, Ginger beer, Lime


Mint Chocolate Delight - Stoli Vanilla,  Peppermint Scnapps, Godiva, Crème de Menthe


Chocolate Covered Cherrytinni - Stoli Vanilla, Cherry Brandy, Godiva


The Impeachment – Simonet French Sparkling, Peach Schnapps


Petite Bouchées  


Le Carleigh                                            15

    Medallions of Filet Mignon,  

    Horseradish Mayonnaise

    on Baguette

Crispy Duck Wing Drumettes        9    

   with Spicy Orange Glaze

Roasted Eggplant & Bell Pepper    5

   Spread on Grilled Flatbread

   with Feta & Kalamata Olive 

   *Vegan option

Oyster Po’ Boy Sliders                        8

    with Remoulade & Arugula


Shrimp Cocktail                                    8

Reuben Bites                                             5


Custom Meat & Cheese Plate           2*

*Price is per selection

Meats: Soppressata Salami, Calabrese Salami, Chorizo, Prosciutto Di Parma, Duck Salami, Pate de Campagne

Cheeses: Brie, Petite Basque, Humboldt Fog, Hook’s Aged Cheddar, Roquefort



2/28 laurie rose griffith & Peter Mealy 9-11pm

3/6 Jon Wiley & Brandon

Snellings 9-11pm

3/13 Soul Brothers 9-11pm

3/20 The Acoustic Onion 8-11pm

3/27 Laurie Rose Griffith & Peter Mealy


4/3 Jon Wiley & Brandon

Snelings 9-11pm

4/10 The Acoustic Onion 8-11pm

4/17 Soul Brothers 9-11pm

4/24 Scenic Roots Duo 9-11pm

5/1 Jon Wiley & Brandon Snellings 9-11pm

5/8 Michael Huntley 9-11pm

5/15 The Acoustic Onion 8-11pm

5/29 Laurie Rose Griffith & Peter Mealy 9-11pm

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